On Friday evening last week (15th April, 2016) Kate and I had our first official outing as representatives of Promote SA. We were fortunate enough to make the VIP guest list of the Yelp Adelaide Radelaide Love Affair and with our in-house photographer, Adrian, in tow, we headed to the Published Arthouse for an evening of sampling South Australian food, beverage and retail businesses. Even though Kate and I didn’t really have a discussion about what we would say and do at the event, it became clear from the moment we arrived that we are absolutely on the same page about what Promote SA is about and how we want to help businesses. We wandered around chatting to business owners, asking them about how they got started and what the story was behind their brand, sampled their products and let Adrian use his creative eye to capture images that we could then pass on to both Yelp and the business owners. Kate and I work together so naturally and although it seems like a small thing to attend an event together, it really cemented that we are on the right path with our idea to get to the heart of SA brands.


The Radelaide Love Affair event was fantastic overall. It was exceptionally organised by the Yelp Adelaide team, headed up by Community Manager Anita D. In the car on the way into town, Kate and I wondered aloud how packed it was going to be, and whether we would even be able to chat to anyone. Thankfully, while it was buzzing, there weren’t so many people that you couldn’t move. None of the stalls we visited had run out of samples and we were able to stop and talk for a few minutes without holding up the other guests. Adrian was also able to move around and take photos without getting in anyone’s way. While not an issue for Kate and I, or the guests, the lighting did make taking photos a bit of a challenge and I think people snapping photos with their phones may have struggled to get well-lit images. Kate took a lovely photo of some baked goodies which had a blue and pink hue thanks to the overhead lights (check out our Instagram @letspromotesa), so sometimes you have to get creative.


One of the highlights of the event, for us and also most of the other attendees I suspect, was the little bunches of flowers supplied by Itty Bitty Bunch. Getting a bunch of flowers makes you feel good and while perhaps in organising the event it might have seemed out of place to have a florist in amongst the food and drink stalls, it turned out to be well worth it. Kate and I were asked a few times where we picked up our flowers and I dragged Adrian over to get some photos before all the samples were gone. The little bunches were gorgeous and so generous of Itty Bitty Bunch to have enough to go around.


The other person who really got our mouths watering was Peter from Gelista. I think the lady who was waiting to serve us expected to scoop out some icecream and move us along, but in true Promote SA style we asked, ‘what is your story?’ We found out from Peter how he went from growing up on a dairy farm, to being an accountant, then making gelati/sorbet for some of South Australia’s top restaurants and now releasing a retail range. He also invited Kate and I for a tour of their factory, so expect a full post coming soon.


We also loved sampling the beautiful looking, and tasting, Monet cheese from Kris Lloyd Artisan (Woodside Cheese Wrights), delectable smoked meat, terrines and Chorizo from Barossa Fine Foods, salads from Let them Eat and juices (I tried all three, oops) from Juice Lovers Juicery. I also tried a gin and tonic from Adelaide Hills Distillery and a pear cider from The Hills Cider Co. There was more alcohol on offer but I had to draw the line somewhere, or have Adrian and Kate carry me out. I’m definitely planning a trip to Chile Mojo in the near future to pick up some of their ranch dressing powder, which saw me spooning it out of the little cup with my finger.


Kate and I were both grateful to be invited by Anita and we were excited to see our fellow blogging friend, and Yelper, Renee there. We also ran into some other blogging friends which made the event seem a bit like a bloggers reunion, which was lovely. We made some great connections, and hopefully all the businesses who appeared in Adrian’s photos were happy with the images we were able to provide. We can’t wait to meet up with some of the business owners we connected with at the event and bring you their stories, right here on the Promote SA blog.


Please have a look at all the photos from the night in our Facebook album.

If you are interested in being featured, or would like to chat about how we can help promote your business, please drop us a line at Adrian’s photography and videography services can be found here:

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4 comments on “Yelp Radelaide Love Affair”

  1. Aww what a lovely wrap-up! Thanks Nici. It really was great to see you ladies sharing the #RadelaideLove with us. I’m so excited to see what becomes of Promote SA!

  2. Awesome post Nici ☺ looking forward to reading more over the next few months. P.S The Itty Bitty Bunch flowers are beautiful.

  3. So delighted to hear that you enjoyed the event ladies! It was such a valuable experience for everyone involved and I’m glad that the message of loving your local came through. I love and I am so proud to be South Australian, I could really see that the guests and business owners feel the same way! Your review, feedback and photos are greatly appreciated. I look forward to seeing more of you both around Adelaide!

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