Would you believe me if I told you that Adelaide can now boast the largest Lush store in Australia?

As part of our ongoing relationship with Adelaide bloggers, Nici and I were delighted to work with LUSH to bring together over 50 social media influencers to help celebrate the opening of the new Rundle Mall store.

Lush Adelaide media event

It had been hinted that the new store was going to be large but I don’t think any of the assembled media were prepared for how spacious the store was. To put it into perspective, the previous Rundle Mall store would fit into the new one 6 times! Due to the size of the store, and the dedicated event area, there is ample room to host hens nights and children’s parties which I am sure will be regularly booked out in advance.


The store is designed over 2 levels with dedicated areas for skincare, haircare, makeup, bath products, and more. The store includes a ramp linking the two levels ensuring it is accessible to all which will be music to the ears of many – especially those mums with little ones in prams.



LUSH have followed their philosophy of recycling by using reclaimed wood from the scaffolding of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in their product displays and shop fittings, as well as using large durable concrete troughs to demonstrate the bath products.


The skincare section of the store is reminiscent of a kitchen and includes a sit down table where the LUSH staff can demonstrate and recommend products that are suitable for your skin concerns.


I can only imagine how much the LUSH staff enjoy working in their new spacious store as it was elbow room only in the previous store (which was just across the walkway from the new store). Their enthusiasm is contagious and I challenge you to try and stick to your shopping list as I am sure you will excitedly purchase much more than you plan to.


All of the invited guests were generously gifted a voucher to purchase their choice of products with bath bombs, haircare and massage bars being high on the list for many.


We were also delighted to see South Australian charity Freedom Hill Sanctuary being supported by LUSH through the sales of the Charity Pot where all proceeds (ex GST) go towards supporting grassroots charities. I have had the pleasure of visiting the Freedom Hill Sanctuary and know that they will put the funds to great use.


Thank you to LUSH for working with Promote SA to showcase your beautiful new Adelaide store. Nici and I cannot wait to visit again.


*Thank you also to Lush for some of the photos above – it was greatly appreciated as I was more than a little distracted by the beautiful products and socialising!*

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1 comment on “Lush re-opens its doors in Adelaide”

  1. Congratulations on helping to organise the event. It was such a good night and every time I use one of LUSH goodies I get a sense of nostalgia of it. I definitely agree with being too distracted with the awesome store and seeing all the Adelaidian bloggers to take photos of the store – so I’m happy LUSH has provided us with photos.

    Oh and thanks for the mention!


    Fel x

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