The last few weeks have been extremely difficult. Adapting to becoming ‘empty nesters’ has been hard enough, without the added upset and stress of dealing with a geriatric dog with incontinence, dementia, being blind and also deaf.

Pets are such a huge part of a family and it is heartbreaking when you are faced with the knowledge that their time has come.

Let Me Go Home Euthanasia
Our gorgeous Bichon Frise Lou Lou who lived till the ripe old age of 17.

Our family has known for quite some time that our beautiful 17 year old Bichon Frise, Lou Lou, was suffering from dementia and we would need to make the difficult decision to let her pass, but one of our main concerns was that she would feel loved and comfortable when the time came.

Lou Lou was not a fan of car rides and the thought of having to make her endure one was not an option for us. Looking for other alternatives I was delighted to find a caring vet, Dr Marie de Lint from Let Me Go who offers at home euthanasia for cats and dogs (and other pets if needed).

I contacted Marie and arranged a time for her to visit once it became apparent that Lou Lou’s time had come.  It was a difficult phone call but it was evident upon meeting Marie that she loves animals and she considers it a privilege to be able to help them and their owners during their time of need.

Hearing the doorbell and knowing that Marie had arrived, and the time had come was difficult, but upon meeting Marie I knew that we were all in the right hands.  Even though we knew that we had made the right decision, having Marie confirm that it was getting too difficult for Lou Lou made all of us feel more comfortable.

Marie explained what was to happen and how Lou Lou would gently fall into a deep sleep before the final injection.  We gathered around and patted and told her how we loved her as she gently passed at home surrounded by her family.

We chose to bury our beautiful girl in our garden but Marie can also arrange a cremation if you desire.

I cannot imagine how hard it must be for Marie to do her job but we are forever grateful for her love and support at such a stressful time and would recommend anyone who is in this position to consider her services.

Marie may be contacted at or 0447 344 003

Farewell Lou Lou



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