A couple of weeks ago Kate and I went to the wonderful Yelp Radelaide Love Affair event, where we met lots of South Aussie business owners and sampled their products. As I said in my post on the event, the star of the show was really Itty Bitty Bunch, a local florist that specialises in daily bunches, using the best flowers available at the markets, that can be delivered to the Adelaide metro area for $30 during the week. Their samples were going like hot cakes and Kate and I were fortunate enough to grab a bunch each before they were gone.


In the days that followed the event we made an effort to seek out all the businesses and follow them on social media, in the hopes of keeping up to date with what is happening in our fair state. Little did I know that every weekday morning since then I would be greeted by the gorgeous daily bunch on offer from Itty Bitty Bunch. I caved pretty much straight away and ordered myself a bunch to arrive on Friday. However, on Thursday the daily bunch just screamed ‘Nici’ and I commented on the Facebook post saying how beautiful it was. Within minutes the team from Itty Bitty Bunch got in contact with me and asked if I would like to change my delivery, which I did, and later that day the bunch arrived, just as stunning as in the Facebook post. If there is one thing that sets a company apart in my mind, it’s great service, which Itty Bitty Bunch have in spades.


I got in touch with the team (Olivia, Simon and Priscilla) and asked if they wouldn’t mind answering some questions so that I could write a post for them. What came back into my inbox blew me away. You can definitely count storytelling among the talents of this team. Have a read below and find out more about this innovative business, and I dare you not to spoil yourself next week!

Without further ado, here’s our itty bitty story….

We would love to tell you that we started our itty bitty business after spending our childhoods wandering paddocks on Aunty Bessie’s rural farm. It would be nice to say that flowers have been in our blood through generation and generation of artisan florists crafting exquisite bouquets, sold at the local fair…but that wouldn’t be our style.

We are Itty Bitty Bunch, a team consisting of three Adelaide friends, Olivia Wescombe, Simon Molloy and Priscilla Wildy (Simon and Olivia are a couple). Prior to Itty Bitty, Simon and Priscilla were two halves of an award winning marketing team in financial services while Olivia was working in disability services.

Having become disenchanted with the corporate world, Priscilla and Simon spent many-a-day discussing ways in which they could use their skills and imagination to make a difference in the community while still earning a living, but every epic idea we came up with was met simultaneously with epic procrastination – so it took a long time for any of our plans to take hold.

It wasn’t until Olivia one-day professed her yearning to become a florist that things started to click for us. The brain-storming turned to planning – procrastination to action. We took the business model of a traditional bricks-and-mortar florist, turned it on its head and developed an online florist with a social conscience. We wanted to bring simplicity back to giving, we wanted to remove the barriers of time and cost for people who just wanted to do something small but meaningful to make someone else’s day. We wanted to build a business that was streamlined and clever enough with resources that we’d be able to give back to those in the community as part of our day to day operations. We wanted to be happy by making others happy. Thus, Itty Bitty Bunch was born and launched last November.


Each day we head to the flower markets and pick the freshest most eye-catching flowers to create our daily bunch, they are then prepared out of Olivia and Simon’s house in West Hindmarsh. We then spend the day personally delivering our bunches in our delivery van ‘Gilbert Bunchworth the 3rd’, to lucky recipients around Adelaide for just $30. Since we buy our flowers fresh every morning and do not keep any stock overnight, at the end of each day we deliver any left-over bunches to people and places in the community that are doing amazing things. It’s our way of giving back, and paying it forward. Our customers nominate who should receive our wildcard’ bunches via our website, and we always love seeing how many selfless nominations come through for worthy charities, business or individuals. The best part of our day is delivering those bunches and seeing just how much a simple thoughtful gesture like that can make someones day.

We aren’t trained to save lives, or put out fires, or counsel people through difficult times, but through our wildcard deliveries we hope that we can make sure the people that can do these things know that they are appreciated, and hopefully help encourage them to push through the hard days so that they can keep making a difference.

The biggest challenge we have faced is building a completely new, non-traditional brand from scratch with an almost non existent marketing budget. It has required ingenuity and perseverance but mostly amazing referrals from our incredible customers.

We do have some incredible plans for phase 2 of Itty Bitty Bunch both for our existing customers and for a completely new market which we are hoping to launch in the next quarter as well as a new website and streamlined ordering system. Make sure to join our mailing list for all the scoops!


Nici here again. So there you have it, not only does Itty Bitty Bunch deliver with the most beautiful flowers and exceptional service, they are swell people as well. If you want to treat yourself or someone special (and they are within the delivery zone) then jump online and order an Itty Bitty Bunch. Make sure you give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram too. The daily bunches will brighten your feed and you can get in quick if you see one that takes your fancy. Thank you so much to the Itty Bitty Bunch team for doing my job and writing their own post! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

Bye for now,

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