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Month: May 2016

Seawall Apartments – not just for accommodation

Seawall Apartments

We are so lucky that South Australia has some of the best beaches in Australia and one of my favourites, Glenelg, is right on my doorstep. So when, in February this year Nici and I were involved in organising a blogging event and were faced with the difficult decision of where to hold it, I […] Read more…

Camel Rock Kickstarter Launch


Last week Kate and I got the happiest of surprises when we were invited to the launch of Camel Rock, an Australian based company hoping to fund their innovative round yoga mats via Kickstarter. It was a surreal moment to be invited to the event and then thanked in their welcome. We’re not sure what […] Read more…

Itty Bitty Bunch


A couple of weeks ago Kate and I went to the wonderful Yelp Radelaide Love Affair event, where we met lots of South Aussie business owners and sampled their products. As I said in my post on the event, the star of the show was really Itty Bitty Bunch, a local florist that specialises in […] Read more…